Max Of Sens

Federating to move towards local autonomy


Objective of the project

The main objective of the project is to move towards local autonomy, i.e. on the scale of each commune or community of communes in each of the areas explained below.

We will start with France, but the desire is to share this concept all over the world since we are all inhabitants of the Earth and all connected.

This will have for benefit the decrease of eco-anxiety and pollution but also the sharing, the local and circular economy and especially to promote life.

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But before we get to that, it's important to take stock.

The media DATAGORA has brilliantly summarized the situation in the attached pictures.

They also allowed us to understand the different IPCC reports.


Here is the work of Cyril Dion and his team who present us with a series of 3 reports that also explain the situation and highlight solutions: 



Cultivating with passion, respecting the seasons, taking the time, allows to harvest quality.

Using ancestral knowledge, plant and/or animal associations, agroforestry, permaculture, etc... allowing symbioses and synergies for good yields.

Shortening the physical distance between the food and the plate favors social links, employment and decreases pollution.

And share the seeds of farmers, already acclimatized and resistant to cultivate and adapt to possible changes. (ex: Biogerme)

The food

A good diet contributes to good health. Rediscovering the taste and pleasure of cooking, having fun with the taste buds as well as the eyes, enriches our lives with joy.

Whether homemade, or cooked in restaurants, schools or companies, cooking with love always feels good in the mouth. Even more so when the vegetables are in season, local and freshly cooked.

Let's multiply these steps in order to contribute to this beneficial circle of the food chain and of life. In order to promote local employment that makes sense with, among other things, the sale of bulk and deposits.

The farms

Instinctively, animals evolve in the middle of nature. They are living and sensitive beings. The respect of this ecosystem is fundamental. The know-how of the breeders who respect this ethic is essential.

The fauna and flora

Protected areas are present but in far too small quantities. Let's protect our forests, let's cultivate on small areas in order to keep the trees alive, while adding agroforestry and forest-feeding practices. 

Actions of depollution are carried out by activists, companies, NGOs... Let's continue this way and support each other so that biodiversity continues.

The water

Water is an important source for life. We need to rethink our systems: expand wastewater treatment plants with ozone systems, and UV systems. 

It is also possible to extract molecules like nitrogen, potassium and others (present in urine) to use them as fertilizer in agriculture with parsimony and in a regulated way.

Economy and sobriety is always the best option. That is why your daily actions are so important.

Systems based on the reuse of water within buildings are to be implemented everywhere. Rainwater harvesting and filtration are also to be applied for savings but also for a respect of the ecosystems.

For a return to the nature of water, all these actions allow to get closer to 100% healthy.

The ocean and the glaciers

Let's preserve our oceans, which also capture a lot of CO2. Let's also preserve all the fauna that inhabits it.

As for our glaciers, which allow the albedo effect (reverberation of the sun's rays towards the outside of the atmosphere), they are also crucial for the balance of our Earth's ecosystem. To remain inactive in front of their melting is a big mistake.

All the actions we can take at home will keep them alive.

We can also imitate the glaciers, by applying white reflective paints (made from natural components) to our roofs.

The energy

Sobriety is the first thing to apply. This requires awareness. And the first returns are economic.

Then, deploying renewable energies in a reasonable and reasoned way, by involving all the inhabitants, is an important dynamic.

Today's energies (produced by wind turbines, solar panels, hydraulic systems, methanization ...) and tomorrow's energies (those that are low-carbon, that use and/or emit little pollutant over time) are being developed and deployed to build our local autonomy.


Bicycles, public transport, vehicles... Promoting their free access and their rental allows to reduce pollution, to avoid their massive and passive presence in the streets. This makes it possible to create a commercial sector. Making the prices affordable to travelers leads to value these exchanges.

Moreover, rethinking the flow of goods within our country; with the river and railways voices also leads to revitalize employment, to give meaning and to value the lost knowledge.

At the same time, the development of more ecological, even autonomous, motorizations is a great step forward in sustaining life on Earth. This is true both in the automotive sector (with retrofitting) and in the aviation sector.

Health and wellness

Conventional medicine can treat and cure many diseases. Technological progress is exceptional and increases our life expectancy.

On the other hand, when coupled with alternative and complementary medicines (which release the ills and undigested emotions), the body is in better emotional, psychological and physical health. Let's make tomorrow a world where taking care of oneself is the rule, where medicine treats and accompanies to the origin of the problem.


Science has shown the importance of a reassuring, loving and secure environment for the child's psychological development. Positive education also plays an important role in this development through benevolence, love and self-building.

Certain techniques (Montessori, Freinet, Stener...) have been in existence for more than 40 years, and have proven their benefits. The integrated approach within our schools offers all our children the right to learn these techniques and values. This allows the construction of future generations in a world where self-knowledge, knowledge of the other, communication, benevolence and respect are the foundation of society.

Textile and cosmetics industries

Craftsmen, companies, merchants... you who revalue the old, who produce in respect with the environment, who sell to the nearest... you are welcome. The making of clothes, beauty creams and household products are the expression of the art and personality of each Being. With a great added value when they are made with natural and biodegradable products.

The Revaluation

New channels of recycling centers, resource centers, material libraries, brico-libraries, gratiferias, composting guides ... are all to be multiplied on our territories. They create local economy, essential to our new way of life, more sustainable and more resilient.

Other professions

Lawyers, banks, innovators, scientists, media, radios, NGOs ...

We also need you in this process.

Employment and retirement

Whether we are employees, self-employed, civil servants (territorial, health, transport, cleanliness, couriers ...), or peasants, farmers, craftsmen, independent, franchised, bosses, directors, CEOs, contractual, temporary, seeking employment or professional reconversion ... we are all important. Our role is the oil that makes our solidarity system, the foundation of our French country, run.

The circuits mentioned above revitalize the territory and the local economy, thus employment.

Combining personal and family balance with professional balance is possible. Going to work, exercising with desire over a shorter period of time, contributes to human well-being. Therefore to professional performance and purchasing power.

As you can see, all areas are linked.

Acting together and on all areas at the same time, this is possible, only with and thanks to you! And this is how we will succeed.

I believe in you!

And you, do you believe in us?

Our lifestyles are already changing, our consumption too. The actions on the field are moving because of your energies.

The Max Of Sens association was born to make this project, this concept known. Its vocation is to grow as a Federation.

We wish to gather around this same objective in order to co-construct the world of today and tomorrow.

You can therefore join the association, initially in the form of a membership fee; and of course share our approach with as many people as possible.

You are actors of tomorrow in the fields described above, contact us to be referenced and let us know if you want to be part of the co-creation of this federation.


Do you have any questions?

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